Rector Search & Parish Profile

The Search Committee has the responsibility of writing the parish profile, which expresses what we as a congregation seek in our next Rector. After a period of self-assessment, the Committee will enter a period of discernment during which it will prepare interview questions and ultimately interview candidates. The Vestry will meet finalists, but will not interview them. Once a preferred finalist is chosen by the Committee, it will make a recommendation to the Vestry, which has the role of issuing the call to the new Rector after further consultation with the Bishop and acting director of ministries.

Parish Profile


Our Mission is to be an inclusive fellowship, growing in the Holy Spirit, nurturing the burdened and the joyous, reaching out to our communities

Our Community:


Sycamore is the embodiment of classic small town Mid-America, yet is still less than 60 miles from Chicago. It is nestled in some of the most fertile farmland in the world. We have a population of approximately 17,500. The Church is located a stone’s throw from the historic downtown area which includes shopping and restaurants.  The district has over 200 beautiful homes, making this small town wonderful to walk through.  The Kishwaukee River, often populated with canoes, runs right through a portion of Sycamore. Vintage community buildings such as the Carnegie library and courthouse are local favorites.

2016 Pumpkin Fest Fun!

Sycamore is well known for its Pumpkin Festival, with its 5K run, parade, games, music, and food. As the parade passes right in front of our church, our pumpkin squares and brats are now famous.   We are very proud that our kitchen has been awarded the Silver Spoon Trophy more than once!  We enjoy working together and being a part of the celebration.  A watering hole for dogs has been a tradition for us which the dogs and their owner’s appreciate.  Funds raised from this event are used for outreach activities and various projects in the church.

Sycamore serves as the county seat for DeKalb County with a population of 105,000.  It is home to Northern Illinois University as well as Kishwaukee Community College.  The community also supports a hospital and health system affiliated with Northwestern University. With the majority of the county being agricultural, our Farm Bureau building is nationally recognized.

St. Peter’s Church was founded in 1855 with the current church building erected in 1878, on the original site. The Parish House was added in 1957.  St. Peter’s Episcopal Church is in its 161st year serving the Sycamore community.

Our Ministries:

Our various ministries, including Caregivers, Altar Guild, readers, intercessors, acolytes, lay ministers, Outreach, Daughters of the King, and ushers invite everyone to participate as they are called.  We all consider this our CHURCH HOME and take pride in maintaining the church in good condition and keeping the history of St. Peter’s alive.

In our local area, we take part in Meals on Wheels; we provide dinner to our local homeless shelter monthly; donate to our local food pantry weekly, and other worthwhile causes.

In addition to our local ministries, the people of St. Peter’s are active in serving the global community through such things as the Crop Walk, Tanzania Development Support, Smile Train, and UTO.  We also support our companion diocese of South East Mexico and the Diocese of Renk (Sudan).

Being a smaller parish, we truly consider each other “family”. Many members who have moved away come back regularly to worship with us and reconnect with friends.  Other members travel many miles to attend our weekly services.  Young couples enjoy planning their wedding at St. Peter’s and we rejoice in celebrating the baptism of their children with them.  Newcomers find they feel right at home as we are a very friendly, welcoming group.  Coffee hour is a great time for newcomers to get to know us.  One of our newest members shared his thoughts on coming to St. Peter’s:

“The best way to describe St. Peter’s is like coming home. My family started going here last year and every week we look forward to attending services. The people there are warm and welcoming in a genuine fashion. St. Peter’s is what my family needed and wanted from a church and congregation. Come and see for yourself, your home is calling.”

Our Diocese:

The Episcopal Diocese of Chicago is led by Bishop Jeffrey Lee and has 123 member congregations, spreading from Lake Michigan on the east, to the Wisconsin border on the north and the Iowa border on the west. The Diocese is known for its leadership initiatives designed to support congregational vitality. To this end, the Diocese focuses its energies on four key programs: The College for Congregational Development, Fierce Conversations, Project Resource, and Living Compass. The Nicholas Center, located on the fifth floor of the Diocesan office building in downtown Chicago, provides classroom space and accommodations for these programs as well as other leadership events.

Our New Rector:

Our hopes for our new rector include someone who is a dynamic speaker who can relate sermons to real life, a priest who inspires us with their enthusiasm and faith. Someone who respects the traditions of the church but is open to new ideas.

St. Peter’s has a strong tradition of organ music and in the past has had a choir.  We are hopeful that our new priest will continue that tradition as well as help rejuvenate our music ministry.

With very few children currently active in our church, we will expect our new rector to help us to develop a children’s program that will encourage more active participation.

Because St. Peter’s is a small congregation, the new priest should be able to develop a relationship with each parishioner and minister to their individual needs.

Being a very social group, we would like our new rector to enjoy participating in parish gatherings and someone who can have fun with us!

In order for us to grow we realize we need to become more visible in the community and our new rector should be willing to take advantage of the many opportunities that are available.

We have committees and an active vestry, however, our rector should be a good Administrator to oversee the business of the church.

To apply for this position, please complete the Clergy Information Form for Transitions found on the diocesan website:

For more information about this position, please contact Andrea Mysen, Director of Ministries, at or 312-751-4203.

You may also download this parish profile as a PDF.