For New Visitors

For New Visitors

Whether you are a visitor to Sycamore, a newcomer to the area, or a long-time resident searching for a church home, we’re glad you’re here!

Saint Peter’s is a warm and inviting parish, and many people say it “just feels like home,” right from the first visit. We certainly hope you’ll feel welcome. To that end, we know that visiting a new church can be a bit daunting, so we hope the information here will help you feel at ease.

When you first walk through our big red doors, you’ll be greeted by a friendly usher, who will provide you with a service bulletin, which will guide you through our liturgy. Our worship is participatory, please take part as fully as you are able. Your service bulletin will outline when to stand or kneel, for example. Don’t worry, no one will pay any mind if you don’t kneel or stand – but, if you’re able, it is a way to be more fully immersed in worship.

To the parents of young children, may we suggest: Relax. God put the wiggle in children, don’t feel you have to suppress it here. Sit toward the front: children will be more attentive when they can see what’s going on. Explain the parts of the service, and help your child follow along with the printed parts of the service and the hymns. Your child will learn by copying you. If you need to remove your child from worship, please do so, but please come back. You are welcome to walk your baby about in the back of the church, if need be. Special service bulletins for children, along with crayons, are available at the usher’s stand.

Childcare for infants and toddlers three and under is available in the nursery, which is located in the Parish House (the building with the big triangle room on top, adjacent to the church). Our child care worker is always accompanied by a volunteer from the parish, and everyone who works with children is trained and certified in fostering a safe environment for children. Parents are provided with vibrating pagers, which nursery care workers will use to alert you if your presence is required. Please see an usher if you have questions about our nursery.

How to receive Communion: Baptized Christians of all traditions are invited to share in the bread and wine. The bread is received on the palm of your outstretched, cupped hands. Please help guide the chalice to your lips by placing your hand on the foot of the chalice. Gluten-free wafers are available, simply ask the priest. If you are not baptized, you are welcome to come forward and receive a blessing: simply kneel or stand at the alter rail and cross your arms over your chest. If you are unable to come to the alter rail but would still like to receive communion, please speak with an usher when you arrive, and we will arrange for the Eucharist to be brought to you.

We’d love to get to know you better! Please let us know more about you.